Joanne Miller

Joanne Miller served as the Sociology Program Director for the National Science Foundation prior to coming to Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center in 1986. At Queens, she served as Sociology Department Chair, Director of the Sociology MA program, and as Acting Dean of Graduate Studies and Research. Joanne was best known for her work on assessment and quantitative reasoning. She provided leadership for the CUNY-wide implementation of NICHE and Quantitative Reasoning (QR) across-the-curriculum and served at Queens as the coordinator of the department’s QR initiative. Joanne also provided leadership for the initial online B.A. in Sociology at the CUNY School of Professional Studies as a member of the initial Program Committee and for the American Sociological Association, serving on the ASA Council and on the initial ASA Committee on Professional Ethics.  Her scholarly work focused on jobs, authority structures in organizations, and the response of corporations to diversity.