Introducing the Sociology Department’s Fall Workshop Series

All events occur during Free Hour (12:15PM – 1:30PM). Watch for special interviews of selected workshop guests on this fall’s season of The Annex Sociology Podcast.

October 2

Rafael Alarcón (El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (Mexico)) on Reconstructing New Lives: The Experience in Mexico of Recent Deportees from the US in Powdermaker 351

October 16

Adam Reich (Columbia University) on Working for Respect: What do Wal-Mart Workers Expect of their Job? In Powdermaker 304

November 6

Carrie Shandra (Stony Brook University) on The New Bottom Rung: Internships, Inequality, and the College to Career Transition in Powdermaker 351

November 20

Sokratis Koniordos (University of Peloponnese (Greece)) on Sociological Aspects of Crisis: The Case of Greece in Powdermaker 304.

December 10

Lance Freeman (Columbia University) on A Haven and a Hell: A Look at the Complexity of Black America’s Life in Ghettos in Powdermaker 351

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