Data Science

data science

Our Data Science concentration (35 credits) is a joint program with the Computer Science Department. The core curriculum in Data Analytics and Applied Social Research is the same as for other concentrations.

Specialization in Data Science takes place in the Advanced Methods course (Soc 765) and in three electives drawn from graduate courses in Computer Science (711 and 780s). Please note that there are several prerequisites for the Computer Science courses.

DATA 765 Special Topics in Research Methods

2 hr plus conf. and lab; 4 cr. 6 contact. Special topics in research methods. This course may be repeated for credit by permission of the department as the topic changes.

Topics change regularly. Some examples are:

– Methods of Causal Inference

– Geographic Information Systems

– Data Visualization

– Social Media Marketing Analytics

– NLP and Sentiment Analysis

3 hr.; 3 cr. In-depth review of database systems and extensive survey of the current literature on the topic.

CSCI 780 Special Topics in Computer Science

3 hr.; 3 cr. May be repeated for credit for differing titles.

Students must take two of these specialized electives. Topics change regularly. Some examples are:

–   Machine Learning

–   Data Mining and Warehousing

–   Data Organization and Retrieval