Our program prepares graduates for promising careers in a variety of fields or to pursue doctoral work in competitive PhD programs.

Our goal of the MA program is to bring your social research skills to industry-grade levels by the completion of your degree. We do this in three ways:

Teaching advanced data analytics skills. Quantitative-analytical skills are highly-valued in academia, business, government and non-profit sectors. We teach students to perform reasonably sophisticated analyses, help them understand and criticize statistical evidence and impart a basic foundation in quantitative analysis that will allow them to extend their skills in the future.

Teaching research methodology skills. Students learn to design and execute data collection products that render rigorous, useable data. They also develop the ability tO probe the quality of data and research reports produced by others.

Writing, Communication and Critical Thinking skills. Students will learn the basics of theory construction and criticism, and appreciate the uses and limits of social theory. Through their electives, students develop an in-depth familiarity with prevailing social scientific theory in subjects that can be tailored to their future career plans.

Students all take the same rigorous core curriculum and then specialize in one of five concentrations:

Applied Social Research. Our most popular track prepares generalists able to apply their data skills to any setting or problem.

Data Science. With an added emphasis on Computer Science, this track weds data analytics and data engineering, this track prepares analysts who can program and programmers who can analyze.

Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis. With a current specialty in education policy and research, this track prepares graduates to work in think tanks, policy centers, non-profits, government agencies, and school systems.

Market Research. This track prepares professionals in cutting edge techniques of market and survey research.

Media and Marketing. With an added emphasis on Media Studies, this track combines data analytics with social media and advertising know-how, preparing media and marketing professionals who use data to give their campaigns an edge.