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For Queens College Students, HireQC is the best resource for finding internal listings marketed to all students and graduates.

Please note all external links listed below are not endorsed or verified by Queens College, the Sociology Department, or its subsidiaries.
If you click on “Advanced Job Search”, you can add relevant keywords, e.g. R, SAS, data analysis, research analyst, population surveys, etc.

American Evaluation Association

American Association for Public Opinion Research [AAPOR]
(membership is free to students; go to )

Marketing Research Association [MRA]

American Statistical Association [AmStat]

Insights Association

American Public Health Association (APHA)
APHA runs a job bank that allows folks to (1) post their resumes, and (2) search the job bank for openings.

American Marketing Association [AMA]
(membership is free for access to their website only)

The Advertising Research Foundation [ARF]

Quirk’s Marketing Research Review
(similar to Monster, but specific to jobs in the market research industry)

Universities and Research Institutes & Companies

ABT Associates



TNS Global



Columbia University
This is the link to the job site of Columbia University. You have to create a master application with cover letter / resume, and it has been recommended to add some good papers you wrote. You can then search for open positions and tailor your master application to specific jobs.

COLUMBIA Teachers College


NYU Langone Medical Center

Federal Government

Most federal jobs are posted on

Internships are sometimes posted on an agency’s website only (e.g.

Each job posted is associated with a job series and pay grade. Most of the jobs in the executive branch are under the general schedule (GS). If I were looking for a job I would start with job series 1530 (statistician) and 0101 (social scientist analyst). OPM lists more sociology related job series here: If you have a strong mathematical background you may also qualify for the mathematical statistician job series (1529).

Under the general schedule, grades 07 to 09 are considered entry level (bachelor’s degree). Grade 11 requires a masters or equivalent experience. To qualify for a grade 12 you would need a Ph. D. or bachelors plus 5 years of experience. Grades 13 and 14 are mid-level career grades. Grade 15 is senior level career grade.

Sometimes conducting a search using the four digit job series and two digit grade is not enough. For example, the State department and GAO are not on the GS pay scheme. Another example is the difference between BLS and the Census. Most of the people doing statistical work at the Census are 1530 or 1529. BLS is conducting the same work under the job series 0110 (economist) and 1529. There is not an easy way around this. You just have to study the agencies to understand how they classify their jobs.

An easy way to get your foot in the door is to participate in a summer internship program.

One MA alumna notes that USAjobs can be overwhelming, she suggests that you might search regions where you might like to live in order to narrow down the search. Then apply, apply, apply!!!


What can I do with a Public Health Degree? There is potential in using your sociology degree in the Public Health sector. This guide from STEPS highlights the range of meaningful careers available.
If you use google translate you may get some brief information in English
Specialized site for Korean-Americans who know a little Korean.

Companies or alumni who would like their postings to be featured on this page, may address your request to webmaster[at]qcsociology[dot]org