Alumni Series: Sophia Halkitis

This year, we catching up with recent Data Analytics alumni to see how they are doing, and to ask them to say a few words about the program’s impact on their career trajectory. Today, we are very happy to begin that series with Sophia Halkitis,

Meet Sophia

Sophia is a Data Analyst with the Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York. She was appointed to the New York City Open Data Advisory Council, and recently testified in front of New York State Complete Count Commission. She has accomplished so much in so little time. Sophia is a superb role model for our students, and a great example of the extraordinary people who come through our program.

We asked Sophia to say something about her experience with QC Analytics. She responded:

Beyond giving me the skills that I needed for my job as a data analyst, the Master’s Program in Data Analytics & Applied Social Research equipped me with a network of resources that encourage and enable my professional development even past graduation. Between skill workshops; content specific talks about contemporary sociological issues and research; a plethora of networking opportunities; regular job and internship opportunities; and staff of devoted industry professionals who are eager to serve as mentors to students — I found all the ingredients for a career in data analytics at QC. 

While Sophia’s accomplishment are undoubtedly a product of her own amazing talent and work ethic, we are proud to have been part of her professional history, and the lives of many other great alumni. We will introduce to you more of them in the coming months.